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Inventors Fair Pink

Welcome to the 117th Inventors Fair, and prepare to be amazed with the wild and wacky inventions across the field. Once complete you can then write your own inventions and put them into the tale too.
This trail begins in the village gardens at the Dove Cote entrance.
Chapter one


‘Roll up, Roll up, the inventors fair is here'.

‘Come see the miraculous, the incredible, the fan-tab-u-lous' announced the orator from his tiny wooden podium. He then leans forward and whispers to you ‘I know that fantabulous is not a word, but this is an inventors fair and if you can't invent a few words here and there, then what's the point, ay!' His moustache twitches in excitement which seems to accentuate the shiny baldness of his head.

‘Buy your tickets here' he announces to the crowd gesticulating in a strange flourish of twisting wrists towards the booth and turnstile.

‘Now good people, ladies and gentlemen, have you been acquainted with the astounding Mr Arac, who will be demonstrating his incredible Home Spider Dentistry Kit or what about Dr Faustus and his amazing security device, The Magic Void'. He pauses for effect before he continues ‘it's a new type of safe which hides your valuables inside a surprising quirk of space-time itself.' Go see him, he's at stall number 253, but then he mutters to you under his breath ‘I suggest you don't let him Magic Void your pet, last one came back a little squishy and the boys keeper was quite disgruntled.'

Suddenly you have a ticket and are through the barrier, and there before you is stall - upon stall - upon stall, this is the inventors fair. Tents and turrets are pitched everywhere, flags and banners billow as smartly suited visitors amble between the stalls. Noises fizz from displays where plumes of pink and purple smoke waft from curious contraptions to the left, right and just about everywhere.

A voting paper is then thrust into your hand and you notice it has six spaces for nominations, this is what you need to fill in and post before you exit.

You glance back and see the sun glint off the Orators shiny head as he disappears back through the gates. His wrists spin above his glistening head as he funnels and encourages more paying visitors through the turnstiles.

Now to the fair.
Go to the door which leads into the Tithe Barn.
Chapter two

The Kitten Suit

As you approach the stall you see people gathering around exitedly and they see a small armoured cat.The cat is purring and growling because it is to crowded.The cat gets bothered sometimes and when it gets bothered it starts going mad.

Then the most incredible thing happened! A huge black dog, with brown spots and gnashing pointy teeth appeared. It's huge paws padded slowly towards the cat in the suit. Inside the suit, the cat let out a tiny 'miaow'. The suit however made this miaow sound like a huge roar and the dog got scared and ran away!

Laughing, you turn and go to the next stall.
Go to the pedestal flower pot in the lower garden.
Chapter three

Fire Suit

As you approach the stall you will see a suit, but not any old suit. As you approach, the gathering people see Professor Bonkers demonstrate the fire suits. You can get it in different colours, like blue , red, gold , black and orange. Then guess what?! "Buy one get one free!!!!!!!!" shouted Professor Bonkers.

Then the most incredible thing happened. Professor Bonkers put the suit on.....Then he put petrol on the ground, he struck a match and lit the petrol and he stepped on to the burning sizzling flames. After two minutes he stepped out of the flames and took the suit off and everyone was amazed that he stepped on to the petrol without any burns , or scratches at all.

Suddenly the boiling hot fire spread across the dry sweet grass and caught light to all of the stalls at the inventors fair. Immediately all of the people at the fair made a quick escape. You decide to as well!
Go to the Horse Gate.
Chapter four

Gastronaught Experience

As you approach the stall you see a teleporter. It is as high as one foot and if you stand on it it has a force field around you and then you can go through a wall.

Then the most incredible thing happened a volunteer stepped up and stood on the teleporter and then he saw he made a mistake. He saw the force field around him.

You can't believe what you see next. The boy tried to get out he pushed and pushed but there was no way out! You decide to leave before you become the next victim, trapped forever...
Go behind the Mulberry Tree.
Chapter five

Ring Thing Hat

As you approach the stall you can see people appearing with children complaining because they want something.Adults talking about something.l saw a big red and yellow tent with witches nickers hanging from it."I will need a volunteer." Mr Boiler shouted to the crowd.No one answers...

Then most incredible thing happened, someone stepped up there name was Emma she put a hat and a ring made out of fabric."If they don't fit, you can extend or shorten them," said Mr Boiler. It looks like a watch but instead of a clock it is a little hole.they have a black ring and hat, but the hat reads what you want and it comes out of the ring.

They make a dragon come out out of the ring, but it sets fire to the stall so you quickly get a move along."Run!"Mr boiler screens.
Go to the highest corner of the larger walled garden.
Chapter six

Healing water

As you approach the stall you see people with coughs and colds and people who have spots and are poorly. They are waiting in a long queue hopping to get some healing water
To have to make them get better. You can hear the moans groans and complaints. When
You get to the front of the queue you see hundreds of little bottles of water but not just any water blue magic glistening water that sparkles even in the rain.

Then most incredible thing happened one of the people shouted "come and look at this the water is bubbling" and infact it was it was bubbling lots. I stared at the bubbling water and I realised that the water was shaking. I didn't think that anyone was thinking that same thing that I was hopefully.

At that moment something bad happened one of the ill people knocked over 5 bottles of healing water and really it wasn't good because they went all over the Doctors and if you weren't ill it would make you ill.then someone shouted me and they took over and made
Everyone better.
Go to the secret arbor with corner benches under a vine.
Chapter seven

The Curse

As you approach a stall you see a group of people by a stall filled with ray-guns called The Curse. The the owner points at you but you run for it,so he pointed at somebody and as quick as a flash they are the next volunteer.
Then the most incredible thing happened. Selvo the Punisher kept on firing the ray - gun which he held in his hand. A giant green gust shoots out of the gun and the volunteer falls instantly under Selvo's command. Selvo makes the volunteer do all sorts of strange and funny things!
You see the volunteer fall under the Curse of the ray gun and decide it would be a good idea to leave.

Go back to the Dove Cote gate where our story began.
Chapter eight


The Orator approaches, bald head glistening in the sun.

‘Place your sheets in the box and we'll see who the Inventor Supremo is in the 117th inventors fair'.

Is there one invention which is the best in your opinion? Have a discussion now and see which you think is the most impressive, when you have decided then please read on.

‘Good good.' Says the orator as you post your sheets, but suddenly there is a huge sound from the middle of the field, you look over and see a jet of blue flame snatch up into the air. A BOOM follows which is so loud you feel it in your chest, and the orators mouth drops open aghast at what is unfolding.

A flash follows with attendants and visitors running pell-mell away from the ‘Mr Bubbles, double bubble super fizz pop' tent. ‘Run for cover' they shout as people dive behind bales of straw just before the BIG explosion.

The next events seem to happen in slow motion as tents flatten across the field and flags bend horizontally away from the epicentre of Mr Bubbles. Then a black wall sweeps across towards you and there is only a moment to duck before it engulfs you. But thankfully it passes in a moment and you stand again to see the orator is covered head to foot in soot! He turns with mouth still open and moustache intact to the single flash of a reporter's camera.

‘Well it would appear that the 117th inventors fair has come to an abrupt end' he says to you with eyebrows raised as high as they will go.

The next day the local paper lands on your hall carpet with this very photograph, the orator is central, treacle black from head to foot and behind him the stately metal dome of Mr Bubbles is spurting with a mountain of foam.

The headline runs with ‘Inventor's Bubble Trouble. Hundreds flee from catastrophic fizzy pop explosion at the 117th inventors fair'.

To the left of the picture you can see yourself looking rather surprised.

What an event!

The End
Chapter nine

Further Thoughts

What inventions would you have liked to have seen at the fair?

Are they big or small, can they be held in your hand, or carried on your back?

Is it edible, totally credible or just downright daft!

Have a talk amongst yourselves whilst the other groups catch up.
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